“Something happens while I’m waiting Universe gives me a new melody coming at me…and the right words to embrace her” #jazzincase

Watch now! Listen to me!


jazzincase means: jazz in a suitcase, a little bit of jazz just enough.

Stage name of songwriter Kiki Orsi wich also applies as “collective” for all co-workers that since the beginning in 2016, have given voice and represented the idea, the birth, the path and the growing of a working team that has travelled and keeps on travel, on the wavelength of unpublished songs written by her.

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I could have bored you with a CV about forty years of life in music but I prefer to focus on what I am today, so I do not want those who not mentioned, it’s safe all of you have been famous or less, very important to me.

I start from the assumption, if you like the way I sing and the way I write, this is what you have to know about me and it’s obvious somewhere I started.

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