About Me

“jazzincase means: jazz in a suitcase, a little bit of jazz just enough”

Stage name of songwriter Kiki Orsi wich also applies as “collective” for all co-workers that since the beginning in 2016, have given voice and represented the idea, the birth, the path and the growing of a working team that has travelled and keeps on travel, on the wavelength of unpublished songs written by her. Since the early days, songs are focused on an experimental research, intrusive of various kind of musical genres, multistylistic.

I could have bored you with a CV about forty years of life in music but I prefer to focus on what I am today, so I do not want those who not mentioned, it’s safe all of you have been famous or less, very important to me.
I start from the assumption, if you like the way I sing and the way I write, this is what you have to know about me and it’s obvious somewhere I started.
I dreamed about to become a singer since I was at the kindergarten and I always love to remember my first singing teacher, Mariele Ventre at the Antoniano Choir in Bologna ( Italy), starting to record discs just at that age (still listening to them with tenderness).
It has to be that way if you want to glimpse a career, dream starts as a child.

I’ve studied singing in Los Angeles at “Groove Institute of Music” (1992/1994) but my story lies in having gained experience in Italian clubs and all over the world.
Since I was 20 years old I’ve been in various bands playing several musical styles, from 1987 and for the next ten years I’ve been the bandleader of “Chrissy Nite Band”, well renowed in Italy and Europe, with a large amount of gigs in national and international music clubs.
The group played mostly 70’s Disco music, America and Brit Pop and Rhythm and Blues (music I grew up with).
I’ve been backing vocalist for Lionel Ritchie (1998), I love to remember the time when he entered the rehearsal room and said “My Band”, a great teaching of humility from an artist selling tons of record all over the world.

I started writing songs in 1997, having had as a mentor Giorgio Faletti (very successful writer, comic actor, songwriter for Italian artists such as Mina, Angelo Branduardi and many others). He taught me how to use / play with words to describe emotions and life pictures that I wanted to show in my songs.

During yet another travel to NYC (about a hundred times there…I love it!), I was making sessions in the recording studios and I knew international DJ’s as Bobby Webb, he made me find out Smooth Jazz and so I got close to a world until then intriguing and unknown .
I got back into the musical game, following Jazz world as much as possible and suddenly designing the chance to use a bit of it, together with musical worlds more confident to me, writing songs in more languages to give the listeners more details in interpretation, using their phonetic nuances and portraying power (English, Italian, French, Portuguese).
Since when in 2018 was released first jazzincase album (Bonbon City, Irma la Douce record label), many are the unreleased songs talking about love, life paths, beauty, in every form.

In the second album “the Second” (Irma la Douce record label) still more styles and genres intrusions.
A group of musicians always larger co-worked and they still do ( I am honoured with this, get their infos in the discography), they put a little bit of their “emotion in music”, laughs and innovating proposals.
jazzincase became what I wanted “ a multifaceted world” where you can find a jazz footprint.
My current today: a new single “OH!OH!OH!(papadebedibi)“, just published, (October 2021 HIPULP! Label) being the beginning of new songs you will hear in the times ahead.
It is thanks to listeners, buyers, followers, my music is kept alive, so to all of you my big thanks
from the bottom of my heart.

jazzincase (Kiki)