Two years after the release of “the Second” is now available on Spotify, YouTube and all the others music stores the new single:

“OH!OH!OH! (papadebedibi)”


released October 2021, (HIPULP! Label), this time the song has a Jazz/House flavour.

One more time, jazzincase‘s touch on representing herself through music, making it personal.

A sparkling, colored and energetic song arranged by Peter De Girolamo in which he’s done the programming and played keyboards, on drums Nicola Polidori and on percussions Luca Scorziello, three excellent musicians in Italian and Foreign music scene.

In 2022 a new single will be released then next the full album.


Always searching for innovation in sound, first keeping the acoustic mood blended with some distinctive and electronic bits.

In 2019 comes out “the Second” for Irma la Douce label as usual and Alessandro Deledda (Acoustic Piano, Keyboards, Arranger of “Cover Me”), Peter De Girolamo (Arranger, Acoustic Piano, Keyboards), Luca Tomassoni (Electric and Acoustic Bass, Mixing Engineer), Luca Scorziello (Percussions), Toti Panzanelli (Guitar), Massimo Guerra (Trumpet), Eric Daniel and Giovanni Sannipoli (Saxes), Claudio Trinoli (Drums) Nerio PAPIK Poggi (Arranger on “Slave to the Rhythm”), Sasa’ FlautoCarlos Sarmiento (Arrangers of “Sweet dreams”), Emanuele Giunti (Arranger and Piano “Every breath you take”).

More and more musical intrusions, jazzincase becomes really multifaceted and the writing of Kiki Orsi/jazzincase moves toward social themes, finding a way to talk about youth’s problems and ephemeral beauty , nowadays mainly exposed on glossy magazines and social networks (Full album available on Spotify and YouTube clips of the singles “Cover me” and “Beautiful like me (a paper doll)“.

“Cover me” is still on charts between the first thirty tunes of independent artists ,mostly from U.S.A. on Radio Indie International Network.

So many live performance in Italy and foreign countries, so many reviews (see for details www.jazzincase.com), among them one from Mario Luzzatto Fegiz (well knowed Italian journalist, music critic and essayist): He wrote on “Corriere della sera” in January 2020: “An all jazz show” and yet: “A jazz blending various musical genres in a fascinating way “. A brilliant and powerful show bringing you in the world of unpublished and published songs rearranged in the jazzincase style, famous hits as “Back to black” from Amy Winehouse, “Sweet Dreams” from Eurythmics, “Cocaine” made famous by Eric Clapton, “Every breath you take” from The Police, “ Mister Gorgeous and Miss Curvaceous” from Smoke City, “Sing it back” from Moloko and more.

In 2019 is released the cover “Tuca Tuca” made famous by Raffaella Carrà rearranged in a very effervescent Jazzy mood.

The song is present on the album “Cocktail Italy n.2” (Irma la Douce Label) featuring world renowed Ben Patterson on Hammond Organ and produced by Nerio PAPIK Poggi.

In 2018 the first album
“Bonbon City”

Comes out under Irma La Douce label. The album is a songbook in four languages, Italian, French, of course English and Portuguese ( the videoclips of singles “Bon Bon” and “Oh Charlie!” are avalaible on jazzincase YouTube channel).

On the record have played fine musicians and great co-workers such as Danilo Riccardi (Piano, Keys, Arranger of “Bon Bon” and ” OH Charly!”), Luca Tomassoni (Electric Bass, Double Bass), Claudio Trinoli (Drums) and many guests as: Giovanni Sannipoli (Flute), Carlo Maria Micheli (Saxes), Cesare Vincenti (Trumpet), Luca Scorziello (Percussions), Mauro Businelli (Cello), Fabrizio Foggia (Rhodes), Gianni di Crescenzo (Arranger and Piano “Non dimenticare”), Belladonna (Bon Bon Remix), Nerio PAPIK Poggi (Arranger of “Je te vouvoie”).

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